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Mission: “Caring For Mankind”
Whilst the Foundation was established in 2009, Eu Yan Sang International and Eu Yan Sang Hong Kong have supported education, research and various community projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China through the years.
We Believe
Beyond providing great products and services that improve the lives of our customers, Eu Yan Yang also contributes to the advancement of the community through our mission of “Caring for Mankind”.
What We Support?
We support worthy activities in the arena of arts and culture, education, health, social causes as well as any other philanthropic causes that contributes to the wellness of mankind.
What We Have Done
Skyhigh Project
Through our support to Skyhigh Project, opportunities have been provided to young people in learning and developing the skills necessary for their participation in the Arts industry as well as enhancing their creative talents.
The theme song thus created “Can’t Thank You Enough” advocates the theme of gratitude and appreciation to those who care for us.